November 6 - December 19, 2015
EFA Project Space, New York

Kara Hamilton with Angie Keefer, Heavy Fixture, 2015
Digital print on vinyl wallpaper, edition of a million dollars, sold by linear foot, dimensions variable

Installation view: Courtesy of EFA Project Space, 2015

The standing lamp shown in the installation view (Kara Hamilton anticipated by Angie Keefer, Heavy Fixture, 2015. Brass, glass, Herkimer diamonds, LED, marble.) was commissioned by Angie Keefer and designed by Kara Hamilton to illuminate a daguerreotype of an unidentified man who was likely the Hudson River School painter, Thomas Cole, as well as Thomas Cole's rock collection. The dimmable lamp, described by Hamilton as one "Donald Judd would hate," projects light through a lens of Herkimer diamonds (a clear quartz found only in upstate New York, sometimes called "fool's diamond") mined by Hamilton.

Heavy Fixture wallpaper is adapted from the light cast on the west wall of painter Thomas Cole's east parlor by Heavy Fixture, a standing lamp created by Kara Hamilton to illuminate a daguerreotype of an unidentified man believed to be Thomas Cole, as well as Cole's rock collection. The east parlor of Cole's house is considered by some art historians to be the first contemporary art gallery in the United States. From this room, Cole sold his paintings directly to collectors. Heavy Fixture is available for purchase directly from the artists in an edition of a million dollars, sold by linear foot.

From the exhibition guide to Accompaniment, curated by Kari Cwynar & Kendra Sullivan

Who's There? Part 3
September 13 - October 25, 2014
Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp

Cartoon Physics, 2014
Pair of machine printed canvases on wooden stretchers, 102 x 76 cm each, attenuated spotlights.

Ground floor:
Area Variance, 2014
248-250 Columbia Street, Hudson, New York, auto-body paint, 130 x 105cm chromogenic print, gilded frame, attenuated spotlight.

Unterwater, 2014
HD color video, 21:41 min. with sound, LED monitor, glass, wood, roofing material, silicon sealants, 144 x 83 cm.